Services | Journey to the Cloud

Cloud is here to stay. Now it’s time to find the right journey at the right price with the right security to suit your organisation.


What are you waiting for?

The case for the cloud is proven, even for risk averse organisations. Mobile workers need more flexible and convenient data access than ever before, and the cost benefits are overwhelming. The time is right to consider your cloud strategy. Follow the journey that meets your distinctive requirements end-to-end: from assessing your needs, to designing your cloud architecture, to delivering value during and after implementation.

How can CPS help you?


Assess your business needs

Cloud-based platforms and on-premises solutions each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Our cloud specialists will look at the most important considerations for your organisation (security, cost, deployment time, and usability, for example), and see how those factors stack up against your business objectives.


Best practice design

Our solution architects design your cloud-based infrastructure to meet both business and technical requirements. They will support the needs of your modern workforce through cloud-based mobility solutions, ensuring your employees have access to documents from any mobile device, whilst enhancing productivity, collaboration and user flexibility. Our security knowhow will also help you keep tight control of your corporate content and data.


Implementation and beyond

Your cloud journey will only be successful if you achieve continuing value, underpinned by good governance. That starts with our flexible approach to charges, giving you call-out charging transparency throughout our engagement. Our Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) programme will advise you on change management beyond implementation, recommending operational decisions to save money and leverage your resources most effectively.