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Voice Gateways

Cost Effective PSTN Calling

Cost Effective PSTN Calling

Making the most of Team Telephony 

Microsoft Teams relies on Voice Gateways for connectivity with PSTN and telecoms provider for direct routing.

Using direct routing with a certified voice gateway is simple and cost-effective. It enables organisations of various sizes and locations, to make and receive PSTN calling from external landline or Mobile carriers into Microsoft Teams.

Massively scalable, Voice Gateways can be centralised or per-site deployed. Seamless interoperability with VoIP solutions and telecoms carriers including any PBX type or age. They are built to be highly available with security at its core.

A Seamless Migration Path

A Seamless Migration Path

Using Voice Gateways allows for PSTN call routing to end-users along with analogue device interoperability.

Availability with Teams Telephony 

Another element built within Voice Gateways is the high availability of telephony to which these can provide. Each vendor has a certified firewall inbuilt, which allows your voice data to be protected.

Placing one or many voice gateways into your topology gives enterprise customers the ability to migrate on and transition to a Unified Communication platform whilst providing a seamless legacy PBX/PSTN migration path if required.

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Key Features

  • Security and integrity of your voice data
  • SIP, ISDN, Analogue Interoperability
  • Media Transcoding (codec manipulation)
  • Scalability including High Availability telephony
  • Telephony control, and smart routing
  • Highly secure
How We Can Help

How We Can Help

Implementation of Team Telephony 

CPS is a prime partner within most Voice Gateway vendors and is certified and accredited to design, plan, deliver and support all aspects of implementation.

We have implemented some of the most complex deployments within Microsoft Teams telephony using both Ribbon and AudioCodes voice gateways. 

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