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Cloud Migration

Migrating to the Cloud

Migrating to the Cloud

Organisations choose to migrate to a cloud environment for many reasons.

Some are moving from on-premise infrastructures, convinced that the cloud is more cost-effective and flexible for growth and future functionality.

Others may be required to move by a change in their status – for example, through a merger or acquisition.

CPS' cloud migration solution enables organisations to deploy a Microsoft 365 cloud environment.

It also provides a modern work environment  where users are productive and secure while working from anywhere.

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

CPS works with all kinds of organisations needing or planning to migrate to a Microsoft 365 cloud environment.

Our cloud specialists help to assess core issues such as costs, security, deployment time and usability.

Solution architects design a cloud-based infrastructure to meet business and technical requirements.

This infrastructure will then support the needs of a modern workforce through cloud-based mobility access to documents and secure content management.

In turn, change management specialists help you create the right adoption approach.

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Features and Benefits

  • Organisations can be reassured that requirements and priorities will be adequately understood and met
  • A proven modern work environment that delivers excellent collaboration, security and mobility
  • Adoption of new processes will be faster and smoother because the migrating organisation will be ready for change
  • CPS provides specialist expertise throughout the journey to the cloud
  • The solution focuses on strategic business apps in Microsoft 365
  • CPS change managers are on hand to advise on the impact of migration across the organisation
Why Choose CPS?

Why Choose CPS?

CPS is a leading Microsoft UK partner, and our capabilities in this space are unchallengeable. We have many years of experience and many satisfied clients.

Organisations deploying CPS' cloud migration solutions are reassured by their experience and expertise in managing all types of data transition.

Our team of experts also bring extensive know-how about the Microsoft 365 modern work environment.

We don't take change lightly, and the solution applies a rigorous process to match any significant organisational change. 

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