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Beyond the Basics: Project for the web - Automation, Configuration and Art of the Possible

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Introducing the new Microsoft Planner: A unified experience for managing tasks and projects
Join us for this webinar where we will show you how the new Microsoft Planner can help you manage all your tasks and plans in one simple, familiar experience.
Harnessing AI Innovation: Introducing Microsoft Copilot Studio
During this webinar, we will delve into the capabilities and applications of Microsoft Copilot Studio.
Understanding Microsoft licensing in Planner Premium
Our expert speaker, Sam Whitehouse, guides you through the various licensing options. Also, exploring different personas and understanding how they align with roles and responsibilities.
Empowering Organisational Connections: A Deep Dive into Microsoft Viva
Join us for an engaging webinar as we explore the transformative power of Microsoft Viva in revolutionising the way organisations connect with employees.
Unleash the Power of Dynamics 365 Copilot & Copilot for Power Platform!
Join CPS as we delve into the transformative features of Dynamics 365 Copilot and Copilot for Power Platform.
Copilot and the Evolution of Work
Explore how Copilot is reshaping the landscape, enhancing collaboration, and streamlining processes in our dynamic work environments.
Get serious with Microsoft Power Platform in 2024 with CPS
Explore the Power Platform through some of CPS’ customers’ ambitious digital transformation journeys in this insightful webinar.
From Insights to Action: Sofia GPT's Impact on Portfolio Management
An illuminating session on how Sofia GPT, an advanced AI model developed by OnePlan, is revolutionising the field of Strategic Portfolio Management. Explore practical use cases, advantages, and the future impact of this game-changing technology.
The Power of Informed Decision-Making – The Data-Driven Organisation
Decision-making needs more than just instincts – it requires access to data at the right time. This enlightening session by Lester Lovelock from CPS highlights how integrated tooling can present crucial information for effective decision-making.

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