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Employee Experience

Your Employees

Your Employees

Employee Experience encapsulates what people encounter and observe over the course of their time at a business.

This can begin before they become an employee, as they search the job market.

When they come to work each day, your employee's level of engagement, mindset, and behaviour has a major impact on what they think about the company.

Employee experience is “owned” by multiple stakeholders, each of whom needs to take a high degree of ownership.

Investing In Experience

Investing In Experience

Every company invests in the customer experience; as organisations increasingly recognise people as their greatest assets, they invest in the employee experience.

With unprecedented changes to our society, economy and businesses, employee experience has become more important than ever before.

We works with you to build areas for success and align the adoption of people, processes, tools and governance to deliver measurable KPIs.

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How We Can Help

How We Can Help

Our people experts and technology professionals work with you to understand your current environment based on the employee lifecycle.

An engagement begins with a short per-stakeholder survey to provide a first-pass maturity assessment.

Our Employee Experience discovery workshop is scheduled with you for a focused review of the outcomes you want to achieve.

These are interactive sessions delivered through Design Thinking approaches to capture and prioritise concepts and ideas.

The output from the engagement is an adoption roadmap for the next 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6 months+

6 Key Elements Of A Great Employee Experience


You feel safe at work—physically, mentally and emotionally. You feel uniquely valued and are treated equitably and with dignity.


You belong as a trusted, integral member of a diverse community. You have high-quality relationships with your colleagues, characterized by mutual respect.


You know what success looks like and what to prioritize. You know when you’re on track and get feedback that helps you improve.


You can easily find information, people, tools, and resources you need. You are empowered to make decisions and what’s required for success.


You get what you need to maximise your strengths, learn new skills, broaden your experience, and progress toward your goals. 


You’re part of something bigger than yourself. Your work serves others and has a meaningful impact. 

Why Invest In Employee Experience?

Some key items to consider when making your investment in employee engagement:

  1. Organisations with highly engaged employees have 21% greater profitability.
  2. 86% of top-performing companies reported that digital training programs boosted employee engagement and performance.
  3. 94% of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development.
  4. Highly engaged employees are 12x less likely to leave their company than those who are not engaged.

One of the key insights from research in this area is that, more than ever, people are the key to business success.

Statistics and research show that when companies invest in their people and focus on improving the employee experience, they can directly impact employee engagement, retention, customer satisfaction and a company’s financial success.

Engaging with CPS is about starting a journey to a place of great employee engagement, enabled through an employee experience that supports your people every day.

Source: 1 Gallup, 3 PwC’s Global Digital IQ survey, 2 LinkedIn Learning 2020 Workplace Learning Report, 4 Glint

Meet The Team

Derek Strachan
Derek Strachan
Business Consulting Practice Lead

As head of the CPS Business Consulting Practice, Derek is a Project, Portfolio and Programme management professional with over 30 years of experience. Among many other things, his work has helped hundreds of organisations rejuvenate their PMO, delivering greater efficiency, thereby increasing organisational return on investment

Christopher Pond
Christopher Pond
Commercial Director

Christopher has close to over 25 years of experience in Project Portfolio Management. His experience ranges from advisory services to deployment and training. He now focuses on delivering CPS' objectives to help customers of all sizes innovate and transform their business.

Sam Graber
Sam Graber
Professional Services Director

Sam has over 18 years of experience in the Portfolio, Programme, Project and Management (PPM) arena. Sam has a passion for supporting customers with their PPM delivery and associated technology solutions. Sam has extensive experience in driving organisation-wide change and digital transformation across all verticals.

At CPS, Sam now focusses on leading a team of Business Consultants and Solution specialists whose passion is to support customers with leading edge work management solutions. All whilst ensuring the associated processes and governance are in place to ensure maximum benefits are realised.

Lester Lovelock
Lester Lovelock
Head of Practice - Modern Work Management

Lester brings over 17 years’ consultancy experience in Project, Programme and Portfolio Management (P3M) and organisational change. He has a proven track record of delivering significant, complex change with appropriate visibility and building change through P3M skills and capabilities – bridging the gap between business and technology.

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