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Digital Transformation

Implementing Transformation

Implementing Transformation

Effective digital transformation looks beyond the implementation of new technologies and ways of working.

It must support ever-changing business demands and the employee experiences an organisation is looking to deliver.

Our engagement begins by working through the outcomes you are aiming to deliver.

We review business models and explore a digital-first employee culture to enable operational improvement.

Our Experience

Our Experience

Our consultants work with you to identify the required digital, cultural and IT roadmap that will deliver your outcomes. We take the time to understand your drivers behind the transformation - process, operational, cultural, infrastructure or a blend of known challenges. 

Our consultants are specialists in the fields of:

  • Digital culture
  • Digital workplace
  • Improving ways of working
  • Operational improvement
  • Innovation management

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Focus Areas

Vision & Strategy

We will help you define a clear vision and strategy.

This is key to developing your roadmap to move your organisation forward.

People & Culture

Your people are your greatest assets.

We have partnered with HR specialists to help change be positively accepted and help you build a diverse and resilient culture.

Potential & Innovation

We understand your distinctive position and help you transform from today to your future state, developing your capabilities to improve productivity & effectiveness.

Client Considerations

Client Considerations

Four key themes we ask our customers to consider:

  1. Enable employees to work with customers and work from anywhere with continuous remote access to everything they need to deliver.
  2. Modernise outdated platforms to improve security, reduce costs, deliver scalability and meet compliance requirements.
  3. Think about new solutions to solve old problems, such as virtual customer visits to meet in a physically safe environment while improving efficiency.
  4. Access data and analytics to be agile and flexible, and adjust to new customer needs, improving your customers’ experience.
How We Can Help

How We Can Help

We will help you understand current digital trends, open up new possibilities and operating models, enabling your organisation and teams to:

  • Work anywhere
  • Feel connected
  • Perform
  • Be resilient
Talk to Our Team

Meet The Team

Derek Strachan
Derek Strachan
Business Consulting Practice Lead

As head of the CPS Business Consulting Practice, Derek is a Project, Portfolio and Programme management professional with over 30 years of experience. Among many other things, his work has helped hundreds of organisations rejuvenate their PMO, delivering greater efficiency, thereby increasing organisational return on investment

Christopher Pond
Christopher Pond
Commercial Director

Christopher has close to over 25 years of experience in Project Portfolio Management. His experience ranges from advisory services to deployment and training. He now focuses on delivering CPS' objectives to help customers of all sizes innovate and transform their business.

Sam Graber
Sam Graber
Professional Services Director

Sam has over 18 years of experience in the Portfolio, Programme, Project and Management (PPM) arena. Sam has a passion for supporting customers with their PPM delivery and associated technology solutions. Sam has extensive experience in driving organisation-wide change and digital transformation across all verticals.

At CPS, Sam now focusses on leading a team of Business Consultants and Solution specialists whose passion is to support customers with leading edge work management solutions. All whilst ensuring the associated processes and governance are in place to ensure maximum benefits are realised.

Lester Lovelock
Lester Lovelock
Head of Practice - Modern Work Management

Lester brings over 17 years’ consultancy experience in Project, Programme and Portfolio Management (P3M) and organisational change. He has a proven track record of delivering significant, complex change with appropriate visibility and building change through P3M skills and capabilities – bridging the gap between business and technology.

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