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Transform Outdated Processes into Automated Successes

Transform Outdated Processes into Automated Successes

Microsoft’s Power Automate ability to automate your workflows and processes across different applications and services is brilliant. However, it can be challenging to use optimally, and being able to make use of intricate automation processes is a lot easier with the proper expertise.

That’s where CPS comes in. As official Microsoft Partners, our team collaborate closely with your business. With us by your side, you won’t need to worry about overly complex workflows, integration issues or data security concerns.

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How your Business Can Get the Most from Power Automate

How your Business Can Get the Most from Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate & CPS will streamline your workflow automation in multiple ways.

  • Cloud Flow: Respond to triggers effortlessly, like generating delivery labels when orders are ready, ensuring your processes seamlessly adapt to your needs.
  • Business Process Flow: Navigate through tasks effortlessly, minimise training needs and enhance user experiences. Perfect for smooth onboarding and recruitment processes.
  • Robotic Process Automation / Platform Desktop Automation: Efficiently automate tasks across diverse applications and systems, even those with older interfaces.
  • Process Mining: Harness the power of Process Advisor to pinpoint bottlenecks and optimise workflows. Dive deep into your operational efficiency to ensure every process is working at its best.

Power Automate gives you the tools you need for enhanced productivity and accuracy. With CPS’ consultants ready to guide you, you’ll get the most out of these tools.

Helping the Royal Navy Reduce Reliance on Manual and Inefficient Processes

Helping the Royal Navy Reduce Reliance on Manual and Inefficient Processes

The Royal Navy aimed to achieve digital transformation across the organisation, using cost-effective, widely used technologies to replace many bespoke systems and manual processes. They were looking to leverage investment in the central Microsoft Enterprise Agreement to mitigate budget constraints while supporting a long-term digital transformation strategy.

CPS worked with the Royal Navy to create some 22 applications of various sizes, complexities and scales.

The demand for this new digital functionality grew quickly, so CPS had to be flexible to support our new agile ways of working. CPS’ flexibility was crucial to the responsiveness of the team within the new operating model, at one point, providing up to 15 people working with us in app development sprints. That ability to provide a resource for our fast-changing environment, delivering the right technical expertise at the right time without long-term commitment or inflated costs, was critical to success.
Lt Pete Reeves
Low Code Product Manager at Data and Navy Applications

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Why Choose CPS?

Why Choose CPS?

We recognise the unique nature of your business and its distinct challenges and requirements. Our collaborative approach ensures we understand and embrace your business objectives, enabling us to deliver a service tailored to your specific needs.

Our commitment goes beyond issue resolution. We offer proactive maintenance, performance assessments and regular updates to maintain the optimal health of your systems, pre-empting potential problems before they arise.

Our primary goal is to ensure you are secure in the knowledge that your applications are in capable hands. This enables you to concentrate on driving your business forward and fostering its growth and profitability.

Partner with CPS to ensure that your technology empowers your business.

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