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Unified Communications

Flexible Communication

Flexible Communication

Integrating Unified Communication 

With today’s globally dispersed workforce, organisations need a higher level of interaction and communication.

Using Microsoft Teams as your Unified Communications (UC) system, you can streamline your world of work by eradicating the silos that may exist between enterprise teams.

No matter where your people work, they can all access the same secure system for messaging, voice and video calling, team collaboration, video conferencing and file sharing.

What is Unified Communications

What is Unified Communications

Communication & Collaboration 

Built in the cloud, CPS’ UC solutions bring together a tailored combination of applications, software, services, and hardware.

This arrangement facilitates the integration of software and 3rd party solutions to allow VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) asynchronous communications to take place in a consistent and structured manner.

The result is a seamless experience for your organisation that combines multiple communication and collaboration channels securely and efficiently.

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Key Features

Key Features

CPS' Unified Communications platform offers:

  • Single application Unified Communications platform
  • Cloud-based solution
  • Interoperability or migration with traditional PBX or SIP/Cloud-based PBXs
  • Hardware certified devices (phones, headsets and meeting rooms solutions)

Key Benefits

Empower your people to work smarter, wherever they are located and reap the benefits of a Unified Communications platform that will:

  • Enable flexible working across multiple devices
  • Reduce costs by utilising the flexibility and security of the cloud
  • Boost productivity by enabling your people to communicate and collaborate on a single cloud-based platform
  • Scale up or down, quickly and easily without the investment of additional infrastructure
How We Can Help

How We Can Help

We have the expertise and experience to merge old solutions and traditional telephony into a seamless, non-invasive solution for your organisation.

Our team works with you to bring all your key components together along with enterprise voice, video, Instant Messaging, and collaboration.

This creates a unified and holistic experience for end-users, all under one umbrella technology that helps support users move effortlessly from one mode of communication to another.

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