Managed Support Services



Moving some or all IT functions off premise to a third party to manage empowers business and IT leaders to focus on objectives that add value to their organisation.


Working in partnership with CPS, you will have access to a team of highly trained, experienced analysts on hand to ensure your support systems are available and ready when you and your team need them whilst keeping IT costs in check.

How we deliver
Service Levels
  • Support
  • We support your users across the services you have asked us to support and manage. CPS operates diagnostic and escalation processes to make sure that issues are resolves as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our ITIL trained. UK-based support team, is easily contacted through our online portal, telephone or email. 
  • Monitoring
  • Monitoring is at the heart of understanding the health of your Microsoft services. If services are showing any significant issues, CPS will notify relevant people/your users through the most effective channels for your people e.g. Yammer or Microsoft Teams
  • Expert Advice
  • As your organisation grows, solution and features changes will be required. CPS will provide analytics to assist in improving workforce productivity and engagement.

    We will support your business as a trusted advisor during changed advisory board (CAB) reviews and the change and release management process. This service will allow CPS to review change requests, filtered through the CPS Support desk, and determine the impact, feasibility and complexity of the change prior to providing recommendations.

  • Insights
  • CPS support your current licenses and can advise on features that are available as add-ons or upgrades, providing insights to new features and their functionality.

    As an evergreen platform, Microsoft continue to release improvements and new capabilities which we will analyse and then explain the potential impacts and benefits to your business.

  • Administration
  • CPS provides comprehensive administration for your supported platform. This can include purchasing and provisioning of additional licences ad all components you are entitled to via your subscriptions. We cover end user administration, housekeeping and manage incidents with Microsoft. 


Harjit Gill
Head Of Service Management at CPS
Stuart Robertson
Managed Services Lead
David Carey
Service Management Consultant
Chris Edwards
Service Desk Analyst