SIP Trunking

Secure and Cost Effective

Secure and Cost Effective

SIP Trunking with Teams Telephony 

SIP trunking is a technology that lets you make and receive calls over a data connection instead of a dedicated voice circuit.

By using SIP trunking, your calls are made over your internet connection rather than a traditional phone line. Calls can be prioritised over other internet traffic, making sure you always have a great connection.

The technology allows you to lower your call spend by leveraging your existing voice platforms with a single data connection.

Scalable and Flexible Telephony

Scalable and Flexible Telephony

Getting the most out of your Teams Telephony

Ideal for organisations who wish to consolidate rental agreements and costs of traditional phone lines into a more autonomous, scalable, and flexible voice solution.

It enables businesses to scale up quickly and reduce the overall cost when providing new voice services to a company location or deprecating services from an existing location.

SIP trunking can be delivered from a single carrier and provisioned to multiple geographical locations by leveraging existing internet circuits.

Making it easier to manage the billing and procurement of new telephone numbers and for business and service level continuity.


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Features and Benefits

  • Cheaper channel rental costs: SIP trunking can be 75% cheaper than traditional ISDN rental
  • Provides single number reach wherever you are in the world
  • Business continuity when moving premises, you can take your number(s) with you
  • Just one Service Level Agreement to contend with
  • Provides High Availability and disaster-recovery options over than having a dedicated fixed-line voice backup circuit
  • A more highly available service by leveraging existing assets
  • Detailed analytics providing insight and communications needs into business activities
How We Can Help

How We Can Help

SIP trunking service within Teams Telephony 

CPS can provide SIP trunking and DDI numbers to over 30 countries. We have multiple agreements in place with some of the most prolific SIP trunking providers/carriers for the far to reach locations such as China and  Japan, to name a few.

Our specialist teams are knowledgeable in the procurement and provisioning of the SIP trunking service as well as being fully conversant with the SIP standard and its architecture.

We can help organisations and clients alike benefit from the uptake of internet-based services.

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The amount of bandwidth dictates both the amount of concurrency and quality throughput.

Calls can be load balanced across multiple sites in an active-active type setup mitigating POP dependency.

The core network in which the SIP trunk terminates is handled by a Session Border Controller (SBC). Each SBC is part of a cluster which utilises the N+1 methodology i.e., for every SBC there is another one to handle the load if an SBC within the cluster fails.

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