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Staying Connected

Staying Connected

Connections have never been more important than they are now.

Covid-19 has created a significant shift in how and where people work. Traditional internal communications are no longer enough to bind employees together as part of a corporate team.

There is a serious risk that people who are out of touch with what is happening may become detached, frustrated, and unproductive.

The modern workplace needs easy-to-use access to all its content sources, and the capability to push and pull tailored information, fast.

Employees need connectivity with each other, socially, as much as with their managers.

Modern Workplace

Modern Workplace

CPS provide a framework to build a Modern Workplace Intranet solution that enables your people to better connect and gain access to the tools they need daily to get relevant updated information.

Microsoft Viva Connections is at the heart of the solution, connecting with several popular Microsoft apps to make it easy and familiar to use.

Viva Connections provides global navigation for SharePoint content. It surfaces this content in Microsoft Teams and allows employees to keep using Teams as their single hub.

Intranet personalisation is down to the level of social communication: Microsoft Yammer seamlessly integrates with the intranet in the Viva Connections ecosystem.

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Microsoft Viva Connections

Microsoft Viva Connections

CPS can help you build a strong connection with your employees, create an inclusive company culture, and encourage their commitment to succeed.

Viva Connections is part of the Microsoft Viva addition to the employee experience solution, a new app that can be integrated with Microsoft Teams.

It allows organisations to create a unified ecosystem that builds on the content in SharePoint and provides personalised landing pages connecting employees and organisations.

Viva Connections uses SharePoint capabilities, displaying news from across the organisation relevant to the employee.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Personalised intranet for relevant news, conversations, and tools from across the organisation
  • Tailored feeds encourage people’s thoughts and ideas
  • Global navigation for SharePoint content
  • Allows employees to keep using Teams as their single hub
  • Integrated with Yammer for social communication
  • Personalisation makes information relevant all the time
  • It’s not just about top-down corporate instructions but user involvement
  • Content can be accessed from all major sources
  • Familiar apps for employees
  • The solution embraces the modern workplace demand for social media
How We Can Help

How We Can Help

CPS is a leading UK Microsoft Partner with many years of experience supporting clients with communications challenges.

Paul Bullock, a Microsoft Office development MVP on our team with more than 14 years spent working with SharePoint products.

Our approach is to engage with customers from start to finish. That means our business analysts work with you to pull out and define your business requirements before recommending a technical solution.

We also have a robust change management consulting practice to ensure that your adoption is effective.

For intranet solutions – where the solution design is ongoing as content emerges – consistent change management support is vital.

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