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Competitive Edge

Competitive Edge

Organisations wanting to maintain a competitive edge need to adapt quickly to an ever-changing technological landscape and increasing market pressures.

The reality for many however, is that this is a dream. New services, features, and fixes take months or even years to roll out due to a combination of slow processes and increasing levels of technical debt.

All the while competitors are deploying weekly or even daily with seemingly little effort.

Azure DevOps helps provide both the business and technical teams with the tools to, improve processes and technological practices, track work better between teams, release more and improve agility.

How DevOps Can Help

How DevOps Can Help

Azure DevOps provides services to support teams to plan work, collaborate on development, and build and deploy applications.

Whilst supporting a culture and set of processes that bring developers, project managers and stakeholders together.

By using the features in Azure DevOps, which helps support a DevOps culture, organisations can:

  • Improve communications between project stakeholders
  • Increase developer productivity
  • Reduce delivery times
  • Provide more reliable services

The result of which reduces costs, improves organisational agility and helps maintain a competitive edge.



Organisations who implement DevOps practices find they are able to:

  • Increase deployment frequency
  • Release faster
  • Faster lead times for changes
  • Have increased revenues
  • Have lower failure rates
  • Recover faster from failures
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Key Features

Azure Boards

Product owners, stakeholders and developers can track work items from idea to release, using visual (Kanban) boards to plan and display progress in real-time.

Azure Repos

Developers can write, commit, and share code with other team members effortlessly, tracking code changes to work items for greater transparency.

Azure Artefacts

Developers can share common code between projects reducing the need to re-write code for each project.

Azure Pipelines

Using automated pipelines, operations can manage deployments to environments and add quality gates to ensure code quality and service uptime before changes are introduced.

Azure Tests

Teams can organize manual and automated tests in a single place, sharing test plans with developers, operations, and stakeholders.

Azure Team Projects

A suite of cloud services designed to promote collaboration between cross functional teams, providing a workspace to track work, share code, run automated tests, deploy code, and share common code packages across teams.

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