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Managing complex change and new ways of working needs careful planning and consideration. Our ProSci® Change Management Consultants are with you every step of the way to ensure a successful transition.


Putting your best foot forward

Change Management practices underpin all transitions that an organisation needs to make and when implemented well, these practices can enhance business performance, allowing your organisation to mitigate and manage resistance, and deliver a return on investment.

At CPS our experienced Change Management Consultants are there to support you at every stage of implementation, from initial assessments and making the organisation ready for change, to managing the change using the ADKAR® Model for change management, and implementing successful adoption practice by ensuring each element of change is managed effectively.

An effective approach to change

From our 25 years’ experience, we know that it takes more than new processes and new technology to make change stick. Our Consultants utilise the ProSci® approach and the ADKAR® model with all our engagements to support our customers throughout the change cycle.

Through a consultative, partnership approach, we work with you to design a change management strategy and delivery plan that is tailored to your organisational needs. We undertake stakeholder analysis to understand the strength of the sponsorship coalition and conduct a project risk assessment to fully understand the level of pertaining risk.

From our work across the public and private sectors, we know it takes more than new structures and processes to make change stick. It takes inspired leadership, genuine engagement and new ways of thinking and behaving.

Key service features include:

*  Integration of change management with effective business models
*  Change management readiness assessments
*  Change management plans for communication, sponsorship, resistance, coaching and training
*  Change management implementation and transition support for communications, resistance, coaching and training

Why choose CPS for your Change Management?

Getting buy-in from your people is essential to success and for successful change adoption. Our effective delivery approach helps them understand the benefits these changes will bring to them both individually and collectively as an organisation and accept them by embracing the changes taking place.

With CPS, our Consultants work with you to fully understand and deliver against your vision. We take the time to make sure that all aspects of your organisation; systems, processes, and people, are prepared and on-board to successfully deliver the change you need.

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