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Change Management

Managing Change

Managing Change

Implementing Good Change Management Practices

Change is a given in today’s business world, and it’s not always easy to get it right. As many business leaders know, it takes more than new structures and processes to make changes when you’re operating in a climate of intense competition, growing complexity, and heightened employee expectations.

It takes inspired leadership, genuine engagement, and new ways of thinking and behaving.

Good change management practices are the key, no matter how large or small the transition.

When implemented well, good practices will equip your organisation to mitigate and manage resistance to change and deliver the results you had planned.

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

The Best Support for Change Management Success

Whatever changes and aspirations your organisation is facing, we can help to organise and structure your change management approach.

Our ProSci® accredited practitioners will design a change management strategy and delivery plan tailored to your unique needs but founded on our experience of what works best for clients undertaking all kinds of change.

From global transformations and complex organisational restructuring to new workplace cultures and operating process point solutions.

Our consultants will manage your change using the renowned ADKAR® Model for change management.

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Delivering Your Requirements

Delivering Your Requirements

Are You Ready To Implement Change?

Organisation Typically, we begin with initial assessments to verify that your organisation is ready for change, and we will do that according to your distinctive culture and operating model.

So if it’s appropriate for your organisation, we might recommend stakeholder analysis or conduct a project risk assessment at an early stage. We might suggest that you need robust employee communications to help your people understand the benefits of the planned change individually and as a company.

Change Management: Getting it Right

We might discuss formal training or informal knowledge transfer as the best fit with your company’s requirements for sustaining your change strategy.

Whatever your organisation’s needs, our experienced change management consultants will support you at every stage to make sure the change cycle is managed effectively from start to finish.

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Meet The Team

Derek Strachan
Derek Strachan
Business Consulting Practice Lead

As head of the CPS Business Consulting Practice, Derek is a Project, Portfolio and Programme management professional with over 30 years of experience. Among many other things, his work has helped hundreds of organisations rejuvenate their PMO, delivering greater efficiency, thereby increasing organisational return on investment

Christopher Pond
Christopher Pond
Commercial Director

Christopher has close to over 25 years of experience in Project Portfolio Management. His experience ranges from advisory services to deployment and training. He now focuses on delivering CPS' objectives to help customers of all sizes innovate and transform their business.

Sam Graber
Sam Graber
Professional Services Director

Sam has over 18 years of experience in the Portfolio, Programme, Project and Management (PPM) arena. Sam has a passion for supporting customers with their PPM delivery and associated technology solutions. Sam has extensive experience in driving organisation-wide change and digital transformation across all verticals.

At CPS, Sam now focusses on leading a team of Business Consultants and Solution specialists whose passion is to support customers with leading edge work management solutions. All whilst ensuring the associated processes and governance are in place to ensure maximum benefits are realised.

Lester Lovelock
Lester Lovelock
Head of Practice - Modern Work Management

Lester brings over 17 years’ consultancy experience in Project, Programme and Portfolio Management (P3M) and organisational change. He has a proven track record of delivering significant, complex change with appropriate visibility and building change through P3M skills and capabilities – bridging the gap between business and technology.

Why Talk To Us About Change Management?

Our dedicated change management consultants engage with organisations at the board level across all business sectors. Our consultants are committed to fully understanding and delivering against your unique organisation.

The changes you are planning and the return on investment, depending upon them, can only be successfully implemented if their impact is adequately assessed and aligned with your culture, operating model, and business strategies.

So we make sure that all relevant areas of your organisation – customers, staff, partners, systems and processes – are ready for you to deliver the change you need successfully.

Change Management and Making it Stick

We have consistently recognised the importance of engaging with our client's employees, and that's a common thread throughout our recommendations and delivery approach. We believe there is no point in creating change and going through the effort of implementing it if it isn't sustainable in people's minds.

We provide a quality assured service in its client engagements. Our ProSci® certified change management practitioners endorse the ProSci® Change Management approach and the ADKAR® model with all of our Change Management engagements. The Prosci Methodology is a leading global change management methodology, and it continues to evolve to the benefit of our current and future clients.

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