Cloud, Infrastructure & Security

Cloud Migration

CPS’ cloud migration solution helps prepare and support an organisation in moving their data to the cloud.

Voice Management

Communication made simple. Make, receive, and transfer internal and external calls all in Microsoft Teams.

Security, Compliance & Identity

Managing security and compliance is a partnership. You are responsible for protecting your data, identities, and devices, while Microsoft vigorously protects Microsoft 365 services.

Device Management

CPS' device management solution protects and secures resources and data used on all types of devices. Organisations can understand the most effective tools available and how to leverage them.

Information Protection & Governance

Understand your data landscape and identify important information across your cloud and on-premises environment to safeguard sensitive data across clouds, apps, and endpoints.

CPS' Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

CPS applies years of experience and expertise, coupled with the power of Microsoft’s comprehensive technology.

We have a wide range of propositions to support and address an organisation’s operational challenges through our professional services experts.

By using our expertise and experience, we’re able to recommend the most effective response to your challenges. 

We focus on a few common issues here, but our potential to help you with any technology challenge is boundless:

  • CPS cloud migration -  designing a cloud-based infrastructure to support the needs of a modern workforce. It is achieved with cloud-based mobility access to documents and secure content management.
  • CPS security compliance - addresses general and specific data security issues and risks. One of the most common challenges is GPDR, and document retention and deletion policies often figure in the solution.
  • CPS identity access - a platform for enabling secure access to all kinds of apps. The platform can allow safe purchasing of goods and services and gives you a single approach to business, consumer, and social interfaces.
  • CPS device management - introducing organisations to the vast array of Microsoft tools used to protect device data. For protecting data on devices. It helps plan how best to deploy these tools to optimise the benefits.

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