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Teams Recording

Commonly referred to as Policy-Based or Compliance Recording, our Microsoft Teams certified call recording solutions allow organisations to centrally capture some or all communication modalities within an organisation; voice, video, chat, screen sharing, and meetings.

Native recording capabilities available in Teams lend themselves to the discretion of the user, allowing them to decide what to record, when to record it, where the recording will be stored, and who should have access. This type of functional recording empowers users and their productivity but offers little wider organisational benefit beyond.

A CPS delivered centralised Call Recording solution for Teams can ensure compliance for organisations that are subject to regulatory standards, but also provide significant quality management benefits and insight to those that wish to guarantee service levels & standards.

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Benefit & Value


Ensure adherence to regulatory standards such as MiFID II, PCI DSS, and GDPR, whilst considering resilient, data residency, and data protection.


Capture and store all Microsoft Teams modalities through a single integrated solution; voice, video, chat, screen sharing, and meetings.


Full support for all Microsoft Teams PSTN connectivity methods including Calling Plans, Operator Connect, and all flavours of Direct Routing.

Quality Assurance

Gain insights into the quality of assistance and conversations that your public facing users are delivering over Teams.


Leverage recordings as learning material for new users, and as a feedback tool for managers and supervisors.

Service Improvement

Identify areas of improvement through AI based sentiment analysis, recurring problems, and agent skill gaps.

Best-in-class Solutions

The advent of omnichannel solutions like Microsoft teams combined with ever greater regulatory and data-insight demand has complicated the recording landscape.

There are a great number of Teams certified call recording solutions on the market, all offering different degrees of cost, capability, and complexity. No single solution suits all.

At CPS we’re tactically partnered with select industry leading vendors. We provide solutions that are based on your business and technical requirements rather than shoe-horning a product into an organisation.

CPS + Verint
CPS + Verint

Capture, archive, analyse, and retrieve interactions across all modes of communication from Teams voice calling, meetings, and collaboration streams.

CPS + dubber
CPS + dubber

Secure and compliant cloud-based call recording for Teams with voice AI. Understand voice data at scale and unlock potential service improvements.

Trusted Advisor

Trusted Advisor

We deliver premium Call Recording solutions by habit; with extensive experience of working in highly regulated environments, long standing partnerships, and in-depth knowledge of industry regulations; our cradle-to-grave delivery framework ensures success. As a leading Microsoft partner of choice who is well versed in all other aspects of Teams and the wider Microsoft 365 stack, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver an array of project elements aligned to Call Recording in Teams.

• Teams Recording Demonstration & Envisioning
• Pre-engagement Questionnaire
• Discovery & Design Workshops
• Design & Prerequisites Documentation
• Solution Build & Implementation
• System & User Acceptance Testing
• Supervisor & Administration Training
• Operational Support

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Different solutions offer different data repository options. If you don’t want to deploy or consume your own storage and you’re not governed by any data residency requirements, then a completely hosted solution may be a best fit; where your data is stored in a remote location managed by the vendor. If you would prefer (or are obliged) to have your recordings reside in a location owned by yourself, then a self-storage solution would be required – We have solutions that satisfy either such scenario.

Yes, but only in an on-demand user-level fashion. The recording capability that is natively available within Teams out of the box typically aids users in maximising their productivity; recording meetings for those who are absent, or pre-recording webinars for later delivery etc. For enforced organisational level recording that is governed in a centralised manner, a third-party Teams recording solution is required.

Some call recording solutions only offer audio recording, others offer recording of all possible Teams modalities including video, meetings, chat, and screen shares. Many products also offer the ability to select which category of modality you would like to record; perhaps you only want to record outbound audio communication, or maybe you want to exclude IP-to-IP communication and only record PSTN calls. It’s important to choose a solution whose capabilities match your requirements closely to ensure cost efficiencies and avoid redundant capabilities. It is possible to record all Teams communication.

Absolutely. CPS are able to provide product demonstrations as part of our presales activities. Our consultants are well versed in the end-to-end deployment of Microsoft Teams call recording solutions and happy to answer questions in an open-mic fashion. In some instances we are able to provide trial licenses for a limited period of time. Keep an eye out for our public webinars and workshops.

All Microsoft Teams certified call recording solutions allow you to define the retention period for your recordings. This ensures that organisations who are governed by legislation are able to retain data for a long enough time frame to be considered compliant, but also allows you to ensure data is deleted in due course to avoid liability and stale archiving scenarios.

This depends on your chosen solution. Some Call recording vendors require you to deploy your own application and storage servers on which you will install their software, these can be on-premises or in Azure. Other solutions provide a completely-in-the-cloud solution whereby all required components are hosted by the vendor themselves. Which type of Call Recording architecture you choose will depend on your requirements – we can help with this.

Teams recording takes place at the back-end Microsoft Teams service level courtesy of API integration. This means that all communication which traverses the Teams service can be recorded, regardless of endpoint type; desktop, web, mobile, Teams Phones, Teams Rooms, SIP Phones, Dial-In Conference users, and PSTN callers can all be recorded. For devices that do not have a screen on which to display a ‘recording in progress’ notification banner, an audio message is instead played to the caller.

Recording in Teams is policy-based at the user level. This means you can target specific users by only applying the Call Recording policy to those select users. If there are users within the organisation who have differing Call Recording requirements (such as retention times), then you can create multiple Call Recording policies and apply them to users as required.

Yes, but only certain certified Teams Call recording vendors offer a service that can be integrated with both Teams and other third-party PBX solutions. Such a solution provides a central repository not just for Teams communication, but for other legacy communication platforms; this can be favourable during a transition to Microsoft Teams where the user populous will be split, or where there is a need to retain recordings despite the decommissioning of the older PBX.

All Teams certified call recording solutions provide access to recordings, reports, and other associated services or capabilities through a web portal. Access is typically supported by Role-Base Access Control (RBAC) to allow for delegation of responsibilities to particular user groups within the orgnisations. Some solutions afford Single Sign-In and Azure AD integration.

No, this would go against the grain and purpose of a centrally governed Call Recording solution that mandates the recording of certain communications for specific users. For a standard user to be able to disable Call Recording based on their own preference would invalidate the accuracy and integrity of the collected data as a whole.

There are too many factors at play to determine the cost of a Call Recording without understanding the business and technical requirements; the preferred architecture, types of communication that need recording, retention period, and the level of AI analysis that you wish to perform against the data are just a few factors that can cause significant variations in price. A short conversation with CPS and we can provide indicative pricing or formal quotation to set you on your way.

Microsoft Teams certified Contact Centre solution often include a means to record calls for their agents. Whether you need an additional Call Recording solution beyond your Contact Centre depend on its recording capabilities and whether you wish to record communication for those Teams users who are not agents within the Contact Centre. Over 50% of sensitive customer interactions take place outside the contact centre!

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