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Common Failures of Innovation Initiatives

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Managing Insider risks with Microsoft Purview
Did you know that most Security & Compliance teams will focus on protecting against external threats whilst largely ignoring or being unaware of the risk posed by insiders with legitimate access to business data and apps?
What is Microsoft Purview Information Protection?
Read our latest blog by Technical Architect Rob Unger as he dives into Microsoft Pureview Information Protection, a staple of the Microsoft Compliance suite and how it can help organisations discover, classify and protect sensitive information across their organisations.
Common Failures of Innovation Initiatives
Enabling an innovative culture in an organisation means having a clear path from the initial creation of an idea, within its journey and through to its desired outcome.
What is Microsoft Priva?
Read our latest blog by new CPS Colleague Rob Unger who introduces Microsoft Priva, the privacy solution that will protect and manage that personal data across your organisation through privacy risk management and subject rights requests
The Value of a Work Management Solution - For All
Why keep Work Management solutions reserved for PMOs or Project Managers - these tools have a place for every person managing work in their day to day roles right now!
Introducing Tenant Level Analytics for Power Apps and Power Automate
Read Aaron Rendell's blog on the use of Tenant Analytics for Power Apps and Power Automate and how it enables usage reports, maker activity reports, and inventory reports
Choosing the Perfect Partner for Teams Telephony
Read Solution Architect Dean Wooglar’s blog published by UC Today to learn how we can help you smoothly migrate to Microsoft Teams and its various solutions and related services.
Why You Should Consider Managed Services: Expertise/Skills
As the digital landscape broadens, so does the skills required. For years we’ve faced a digital skills gap on a national scale, so how can organisations keep up?
Don’t Get Caught Out by the Big Analogue Switch-Off
Read Nat Hazlett's blog as published by UC Today to find out how you can prevent disturbances and comms issues from the 2025 switch-off and instead use hosted telephony to reduce costs, improve resiliency and increase flexibility.

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