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Field Services

First-Time Fix Resolution

First-Time Fix Resolution

Field-based colleagues require real-time access to the right information to provide excellent first-time fixes and engagements.

Dynamics 365 Field Service delivers exceptional on-site customer experiences whilst optimising the scheduling and dispatching of colleagues where you need them most.

The application combines workflow automation, scheduling algorithms, and mobility to set up mobile workers for success when fixing customer issues onsite.

Who Can Use It?

Who Can Use It?

The types of organisations that use the application to manage their field service include:

  • Manufacturing – to manage maintenance services over the lifetime of the machines
  • Utilities – to dispatch technicians to problem areas
  • Health care – to schedule and dispatch healthcare workers to administer medicine and other care to multiple patients
  • Equipment maintenance – to deliver maintenance and repair services equipment

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Key Features

Work Orders

Define the service work needed primarily (but not exclusively) at customer locations.

Scheduling and Dispatch

Manage resources and equipment needed for customer service, visualise onsite appointments, and optimise service schedules with efficient routing and resource skill matching.


Enhance collaboration between customer service agents, dispatchers, field technicians, customers, and other stakeholders.

Mobile Application

An easy-to-use mobile application that guides technicians through schedule changes and service work.

Asset Management

Tools to help you keep track of customer equipment and service history.

Preventive Maintenance

Automatically generate recurring maintenance appointments for equipment.

Time Tracking

Help you track how resources are spending their time, whether they're travelling, on break or working.


Reporting on key performance indicators for managing work orders, scheduling activities and interacting with customers.

Inventory, Purchasing and Returns

Easily manage truck stock, purchase order requests and fulfilment, and product returns.

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

As a leading UK Microsoft Partner, we have great experience in helping organisations deploy Dynamics 365.

We can provide the latest functionality to support internal and external collaboration.

We always keep up-to-date with the features included in the latest Microsoft release wave.

This enables our team to deliver tailored solutions to our customers according to their individual needs.

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