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Supporting Your Business

Supporting Your Business

In today’s development world you need to plan, collaborate, ship faster and more regularly – all with a set of modern development services.

That’s where CPS and Microsoft Azure DevOps can help your organisation harness the benefits of modern ways of working.

Changing the way you work through a DevOps approach can help you deliver better products to your customers and better results to the business.

A DevOps Approach

A DevOps Approach

With a DevOps approach, your organisation can:

  • Enable teams to manage their work in agile ways with visibility across products and projects
  • Manage work with Kanban boards, backlogs, dashboards and reporting capabilities in Azure Boards
  • Keep development efforts transparent and on schedule with GitHub
  • Use Power BI analytics with visuals and turn data into insights
  • Extend use with 1000’s of Microsoft and community built apps and services

Key Features

Azure Boards

Product owners, stakeholders and developers can track work items from idea to release, using visual (Kanban) boards to plan and display progress in real-time.

Azure Repos

Developers can write, commit, and share code with other team members effortlessly, tracking code changes to work items for greater transparency.

Azure Artefacts

Developers can share common code between projects reducing the need to re-write code for each project.

Azure Pipelines

Using automated pipelines, operations can manage deployments to environments and add quality gates to ensure code quality and service uptime before changes are introduced.

Azure Tests

Teams can organise manual and automated tests in a single place, sharing test plans with developers, operations, and stakeholders.

Azure Team Projects

A suite of cloud services designed to promote collaboration between cross-functional teams, providing a workspace to track work, share code, run automated tests, deploy code, and share common code packages across teams.

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Supporting Change

Supporting Change

DevOps adoption needs to be carefully considered and its adoption planned and supported.

Beyond implementing new processes and technology, the key to a successful DevOps practice is embracing a DevOps culture.

Cultural change requires patience, especially in companies that have been working in other ways for many years.

CPS can help you across all stages of changing your working methods, from helping you understand what and how you can change, to full management of a programme of adoption.

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

CPS can help you in a variety of ways:

  • Fixed price work packages to explore your requirements and deliver a prioritised set of outcomes, a roadmap and plan for deployment and adoption
  • Consulting specific to your requirements

In all scenarios, CPS will begin with a no-commitment meeting, delivered by one or more of our expert architects to fully understand your requirements.

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