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Innovation is the key to success. Making innovation accessible and capturing ideas from your people can accelerate transformation across your organisation and help to drive your business forward.

Innovation Services

Igniting the spark for innovation

Having ‘business-as-usual’ approach to your organisation is no longer enough to maintain your competitive edge. Your organisation needs to think ahead and be innovative to challenge the norm to stay ahead.

At CPS, our Innovation Consultants provide a unique combination of innovation, business and technology knowhow to support organisations throughout their journey to improved innovation practices.

Creating great solutions from good ideas

How do you capture new ideas across your organisation? How do you triage ideas and how do you bring them to fruition?

Our experienced professionals are on hand to lead you through your innovation journey. By working in partnership with your organisation, they help you to understand the process of innovation and how it can be successfully achieved across your organisation.

Bringing innovation to life

CPS will support you in creating and driving the assets to support your Innovation and Demand Leaders including processes, governance structures and tools.

All members of your organisation are potential innovators. We will support you in providing clear visibility , assessment and communication of challenges, ideas and demand across the whole organisation.

We will also support you in building the process to assess, process and manage your ideas , and methods to encourage participation such as crowdsourcing and gamification. Gamification features encourage and reward employee participation and can include external partners, contractors and stakeholders as required.

Why choose CPS’ Innovation Services? 

Our Innovation Consultants have wide ranging backgrounds, ensuring that our clients benefit from best‐in‐class governance, processes and tools that support the robust management of ideas and innovation throughout your organisation.

Through our consulting services over 25 years, CPS has a strong track record across both public and private sectors and are perfectly placed to deliver tailored support for innovation of any size and complexity.

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