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To guarantee inclusivity, your business applications need to suit the requirements of each employee – now and into the future. That means the importance of accessibility cannot be overlooked.

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Inclusion by Design

It’s been 25 years since accessibility in technology started to be legislated for and although the legislation may have changed, the objective has not.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner it is essential for CPS to not only share with our customers the importance of inclusivity and accessibility, but to demonstrate this within our own workforce with the tools and systems we use.

Microsoft’s mission statement is “Empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more”.  In truly considering the word ‘every’ and ensuring this really does apply to every person, Microsoft implemented “Inclusion by Design” as a design principle to ensure accessibility of all its solutions.

Key accessibility features


Office 365 and Office Suite

Inform co-workers of the need for individuals to receive accessible content

Real-time sub-titles in presentations

Immersive reader to make it easier to read content

Auto-generate transcript of videos

Spell and grammar checking

Dictation rather than typing

Focus assist


PowerApps and Services

PowerApp creations with a bespoke inclusivity solution can be easily achieved with inclusivity embedded as a design principle through the use of the “Accessibility Checker”

Using cognitive services and AI Builder to translate content, analyse content, convert content from images to text to voice


Windows 10

Narrator in Windows 10 is a screen reader available in 27 languages

Magnifier enlarges areas of the screen to make the easier to read

Eye tracking

Focus assist