CPS’ Position on the Coronavirus

CPS’ Position on the Coronavirus

  • 11 March,2020

From CPS’s perspective, there is no impact to our business at present.

We are also committed to continuing business as usual. To mitigate any impact to our business from Coronavirus, we have been working with all CPS staff to develop contingencies, as per guidance from the WHO (World Health Organisation) and the UK’s NHS (National Health Service).

This includes providing staff with the latest guidance from the WHO and the NHS, and looking at ways staff may be able to work remotely if necessary.

We anticipate the impact to our business to be minimal, even in the event of significant number of individuals within our teams needing to be isolated. CPS already operates an agile workplace, equipping and enabling individuals to work remotely as part of their everyday routine,  through use of the Microsoft solutions we deliver to our customers.

While we do have a workforce with international connections, CPS staff have voluntarily confirmed future personal travel plans and, at present, we have no reason to believe any of them will be at any greater risk than anyone else in the UK currently.

Should any member of staff need to be self-isolated, and is able to, they will carry out their duties remotely, taking into consideration our stringent security and data protection policies.

During this time, their health and well-being will be our highest priority and we will keep in constant contact with them to make sure they are fully supported.

Another impact to our services could be that partner organisations, that we collaborate with in the UK and overseas, may be affected. We are in constant contact with these partners and continue to monitor any changes in their ability to carry out our requests.

If they experience difficulties, or any of the above looks like it may impact our business, we will put our business continuity plans in place to minimise any impact. We will also create dedicated pages on our website to keep you and others regularly updated and fully informed of our plans.

At present, it is very much ‘business as usual’ at CPS, but should the situation with Coronavirus change, we are prepared to deal with the challenges we may face.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your account manager or the Customer Success Team on           +44 (0) 1628 321321 or via hello@CPS.co.uk who will be happy to assist.