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Hybrid Meetings and Rooms

Stay connected, collaborate seamlessly and simplify work

Stay connected, collaborate seamlessly and simplify work

Virtual working is available due to rapid moves to the cloud. Microsoft Teams can help your people stay connected, collaborate seamlessly and simplify work in a secure and compliant way. Microsoft Teams Meetings and Microsoft Teams Rooms can support productivity and collaboration and our team of experts can assess your current environment and process and build a strategy and roadmap for deployment and adoption that will lead to a transformed, more collaborative digital experience for your organisation.


What you'll learn

  • An evaluation of your current meetings and meeting rooms capabilities
  • Art of the Possible immersion experience to showcase Microsoft Teams as your hybrid meeting solution
  • Direction on how to transform to modern meetings across your entire organisation
  • Customised report with actionable recommendations to ensure your organisation can meet seamlessly and share information securely in a hybrid meetings environment

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