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Defend Against Threats with Siem Plus XDR

Improve your security posture

Improve your security posture

With the current cyber security threats facing the digital landscape, it is vital that your security posture is up-to-date with the most relevant Microsoft Security tools and technologies to guarantee that your cloud environment is secure. During the workshop, our experts will develop a customised, strategic plan that will assess any immediate threats across our emails, identity and data and how to upgrade your posture to prevent future threats in the long term. You will leave our workshop with actionable next steps, a full understanding of your current security posture and how to accelerate your security journey using the latest tools.


Why should you attend?

  • Identify current, ongoing security threats in your  cloud environment
  • Walk away with actionable next steps  based on your specific  needs and objectives
  • Document your security strategy for  the benefit of key  stakeholders
  • Better understand how to accelerate your  security journey using  the latest tools

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