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Microsoft 365 Threat Protection

Keeping Vigilant From Modern Threats

Keeping Vigilant From Modern Threats

What our Advanced Threat Protection Offers

The modern threat landscape is ever-changing, and organisations need to be vigilant to keep ahead of malicious actors and protect hybrid cloud workloads from modern advanced threats such as ransomware attacks.

Prevent and detect attacks across your identities, endpoints, apps, email, data, and cloud apps and hunt for threats and easily coordinate your response across your Microsoft 365 environment from a single dashboard.

A Proactive, Smarter Approach

A Proactive, Smarter Approach

Threat Protection in your IT Security Strategy

With Microsoft 365 Threat Protection, a proactive approach using smarter and more advanced technology enables Security Administrators to gain visibility and actionable insights with Endpoint and Identity tools such as Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Microsoft Defender for Identity, Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps, and Microsoft Sentinel. Secure your servers, databases, storage, containers, and IoT devices, whether they’re on-premises or in other clouds. Focus on what matters most with prioritised alerts.

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Improved Response and Management

Improved Response and Management

Help IT security operations team resolve threats faster with AI, automation and expertise.

Artificial Intelligence provides an incident response with built-in orchestration and automation of common tasks, while Endpoint detection and response manages alert queues.

Features and Benefits

What our Threat Protection Solution Offers 

  • Unified signals and insights across solutions such as Microsoft Defender and Microsoft Sentinel 
  • Modern safeguarding of cloud services with intelligent automation policies and controls. 
  • Deploy modern SIEM, CASB, and Endpoint security at scale, all from within M365 / Azure for a unified and proactive approach to threat detection and response 
  • Monitor signals from third-party devices and applications  

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Why Choose CPS?

Why Choose CPS?

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, CPS works hand in hand with Microsoft to deliver expertise for security, compliance and identity when you need it.

We aim to amplify the benefits of every solution we work with, and not expect that one set of functions will fit all requirements.

That is how we extract maximum benefit from Microsoft 365 and ensure a more secure environment for your organisation and employees.  


SIEM stands for Security Information & Event Management. There are many flavours of SIEM technology available. Microsoft’s SIEM product is called Sentinel and supports Security & Compliance management, threat detection, intelligent analysis of security incidents. SIEM tools can connect to log data from other sources such as your edge devices and analyse events from a multitude of sources. 

Not necessarily. Large enterprises do tend to deploy SIEM products more than other types of organisations, but SIEM can be deployed by anyone. Calculating the cost and determining the correct SIEM solution is the key to success. For example, Microsoft Sentinel charges are calculated on the volume of data targeted for analysis. With flexible pricing models available from Microsoft for Sentinel, pricing models are becoming more predictable.

CASB stands for Cloud Access Security Broker. Within Microsoft 365, Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps (formerly known as Microsoft Cloud App Security) is the broker tool which can be used to monitor activity across both Microsoft and third-party sources and enforce Security & Compliance policies. 

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