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Boosting Productivity with Microsoft Viva Insights

Boosting Productivity with Microsoft Viva Insights

Data-driven Insights in to you Employee’s experience

Knowing how your organisation is working, where issues are appearing and how to overcome challenges is key to success in the workplace. Microsoft Viva Insights offers personalised and actionable insights to help leadership, managers and individuals boost productivity and prioritise the well-being of employees. 

Insight into your company 

Viva Insights gathers organisational information, and provides advanced tools and analysis accelerators, visualisations and interactive reports to deliver perceptive insights on the working habits of you and your company.

Insights are protected with cloud security and privacy safeguards, to maintain compliance with data and privacy regulations. This ensures that data is only available to authorised individuals.

Using Viva Insights for Complete Business Clarity

Using Viva Insights for Complete Business Clarity

How does Viva Insights work?

Balancing your work life can be tricky, and Viva Insights will help you manage your daily working schedule to improve working habits and business outcomes.

Complete Visibility with Viva Insights 

Microsoft Viva Insights takes the data and quantifies the impact of the people and the business, giving you complete visibility of patterns and habits. Having this visibility will help quickly respond to and address the changes and challenges across your organisation. 

Advanced AI tools analyse and understand the community workflow by providing insights into meetings and work schedules. 

Maximising Success with Viva Insights

Maximising Success with Viva Insights

Who will Viva Insights benefit? 

Viva Insights will benefit your entire organisation, its individuals, managers and leaders. The tool lets managers and leaders see how their teams work together and how their own schedules might affect their employees.  

Improving focus time with Insights 

For example, with Viva Insights, employees can set aside dedicated focus times, or managers can implement ‘no meeting days’ to increase employee productivity. 

In this remote climate, it is easy to assume that everyone is accessible at all times of the day. Setting time aside to complete urgent/important tasks without interruption or distraction is vital for success within your organisation. 

The Key Benefits of Workplace Analytics

  • Learn, innovate and adapt 
  • Identify and promote patterns and skills 
  • Discover opportunities

  • Measure impact 
  • Increase customer focus 
  • Create value 
Why Choose CPS?

Why Choose CPS?

CPS is a people-focused company, and we like to drink our own champagne.

We use Microsoft Viva capabilities to shine a light on business challenges and manage change for the benefit of our teams. We pride ourselves on an emphasis on looking after our people, we encourage you to do the same and can share our successful approach with you.

We will collaborate with you to implement Microsoft Viva to address your business challenges, and put in place measurable improvements for you and your employees’ engagement and experience.

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