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Microsoft 365 Risk Management

Gaining Insight Across the Digital Estate

Gaining Insight Across the Digital Estate

Managing your Risks with Microsoft 365 Security 

Microsoft 365 Risk Management uses native signals to gain visibility into user activities and actions across a customer's digital estate.

With products such as Insider Risk Management, Communication Compliance, Information Barriers, Advanced Audit, Privileged Access Management, and Customer Lockbox, Microsoft 365 Risk Management allows compliance administrators to analyse and respond to potential risks, establish code of conduct policies and remediate violations, and restrict communications between specific user groups where appropriate.

Breach Protection and Access Control

Breach Protection and Access Control

Identity Protection with Microsoft 365 Security 

In addition, increased control over Microsoft service access is available, along with the ability to control privileged admin access with granular controls to help protect from breaches, and access to advanced audit events to scope potentially compromised data across your cyber landscape. 

Your IT security now extends beyond your organisation’s network to include user and device identity. Organisations can utilise these identity signals as part of their access control decisions. At their simplest, Conditional Access policies are if-then statements - if a user wants to access a resource, then they must complete an action. Using Conditional Access policies enables you to apply the correct access controls when needed to keep your organisation secure.

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Features and Benefits

Optimising your Identity Protection Results 

  • Customisable policies across indicators including data theft, data leaks, and security violations 
  • Implement a code of conduct policy to foster a culture of safety and inclusion  
  • Compliance with business policies and industry regulations 
  • Increased control over explicit access authorisations 
  • Increased visibility of events 
  • Long-term retention of audit logs 

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Why Choose CPS?

Why Choose CPS?

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, CPS works hand in hand with Microsoft to deliver expertise for security, compliance and identity when you need it.

We aim to amplify the benefits of every solution we work with, and not expect that one set of functions will fit all requirements.

That is how we extract maximum benefit from Microsoft 365 and ensure a more secure environment for your organisation and employees.  


No, risk management features control behaviour and levels of access but do not impact user productivity. 

10 years.

Organisations with Office 365 E5/A5/G5 or Microsoft 365 E5/A5/G5, or M365 E3/A3/G3 with E5 Compliance add-on or E5 Insider Risk Management add-on can use these features* 

*Further licence information for Risk Management solutions can be found at  

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