Get serious with Microsoft Power Platform in 2024 with CPS - Corporate Project Solutions

Get serious with Microsoft Power Platform in 2024 with CPS

On-Demand Webinar
Thu, 25 Jan, 11:00 - 11:30
Jack Binnall, Head of Practice - BizApps

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Explore the Power Platform through some of CPS’ customers’ ambitious digital transformation journeys in this insightful webinar. 

Jack Binnall & co. will highlight the benefits of a strategic adoption of Microsoft Power Platform to deliver efficient and cost-effective digital solutions.  

Jack outlines collaborative ways of working with customers, showcasing innovative applications that have transformed operational processes. 

Key benefits discussed will include application consolidation, significant cost savings and improved employee experiences, all contributing to progressive digital transformations. 

Power Apps | Power Automate | Power BI | Power Pages | Copilot Studio | Project for the web 


  1. Introduction to Digital Transformation Goals
  2. Choice of Technological Solutions
  3. Collaborative Approach and Resource Management 
  4. Operational Improvements and Application Development
  5. Outcomes and Benefits 

Incorporate testimonials, insights from key project stakeholders, and visual demonstrations of the applications developed. Attending will provide a comprehensive understanding of the challenges, solutions, and outcomes, making the webinar a valuable resource for understanding and replicating similar digital transformation initiatives. 

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