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In light of the current situation with COVID-19, many customers are looking to rapidly invoke Business Continuity measures and support ‘Work from Home’ practices to enable business operations to continue with minimal disruption.

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How can CPS help?

In support of such efforts, CPS have created a rapid deployment work package, for Microsoft Teams with short-term end-user and technical support.

Rapid Deployment Options

Both approaches make full use of the ability for all users to use the following capabilities:

• Instant messaging to one or more internal and external users
• Ability to have VOIP calls with one or more internal and external users
• Ability to have conversations within departmental Microsoft Teams
• Ability to mention people in conversations
• Ability to schedule meetings that use Microsoft Teams
• Ability to share screens in instant messaging and meetings

There are two Options for the outcome of the rapid deployment of Microsoft Teams:


Restricted capabilities enabled to retain maximum compliance.

This option will see deployment of the solution with pre-defined Teams and Channels (of your choosing) temporarily restricting the ability of end-users to create new Teams, Channels. This limits the complexity for end users and enables effective short-term governance and management of the product whilst offering core vital capabilities of communication and collaboration.


All features enabled to maximise potential benefits.

In addition to the above core functionality, Option 2 provides all users the ability to add new Teams, Channels and Tabs (enabling effective integration with wider tools such as OneNote and Planner).