Solution | Student Ambassador App

Student Ambassadors are great assets to any university to represent the benefits and experience of students. CPS’ Student Ambassador App provides an effective way to manage events, publish them to students, and manage the applications and attendance of Student Ambassadors using the Power Platform.

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Improved Communication with Students

Using a combination of dedicated Power App and Microsoft Teams, students can quickly and easily see vacancies that they can apply for, the jobs that they have been accepted to do, and also communicate with the Event Owner and other Student Ambassadors working at the same event.

Student Ambassadors can do all of this via the Power App that is accessible on their phone or via a web browser.


Manage Events on the Move

Event Owners can view details of events and check Student Ambassadors in an out of events through a Power App on their phones. They have the ability to communicate with Student Ambassadors while an event is taking place using Microsoft Teams, again, on their phones.

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Administration Made Easily

The administration of the ambassadors and events is made easy using the superior capabilities of Model-Driven Power Apps to allow intuitive management of student ambassadors and events, as well as the vacancies and applications.


Increased Extensibility

The Power Platform allows the solution to be extended to enable synchronisation of data, customised automation and easy reporting.