Solutions | Management Reporting

Making decisions based on trustworthy information built on the latest data and presented in a format that is simple and easy to understand, enables a workforce to effect change. Dashboards and reports are an effective way for colleagues of all levels to view data in a format that is relevant for their role and requirements.


Bringing everything together

All organisations have a variety of different sources of data that need to be turned into useful information. From data stored in dispersed spreadsheets, data warehouses or functional applications, all data formats should make management reporting as accurate as possible.

How can CPS help you?



We work with your users to understand the questions that they need the reports and dashboards to answer. Working through these questions will allow us to design the way that the information is filtered and presented to make the whole process as efficient as possible.



Using tools such as Power BI we will work with the systems and solutions that you have, to consume the data directly and convert it from data into information. Within many organisations, the data that comes from Dynamics 365, Project Online and data stored in other applications is ready to be used immediately with Power BI.



Many organisations have disparate data sources which don’t easily work together. We can build processes to allow the data to be aggregated into a single location that will allow PowerBI to use the data to produce information that is not available without joining the data together.


Internet of things

The Internet of Things (IoT) further drives organisations to unlock performance data to obtain real insights and future predictions based on operational data. We will work with you to reveal the full extent of your analytics and how they can be transformed.