Solutions | Innovation and Ideation

Transform and change your business, with an end-to-end innovation culture fuelled by your people’s ideas and creativity. It’s the proposition nobody else can offer.


Creating Change and Value

No organisation is immune from the threats and opportunities posed by accelerating business change. Staying ahead of the game needs a new mindset. The best differentiator you possess is your people and their imaginations. Nurture their uniqueness with an innovation culture where ideas flourish and new projects prosper.

Business Transformation and Value Realisation

We provide clients with our own unique combination of innovation, business and technology knowhow. CPS are the authors of edison365, the ideation and portfolio and project management platform. Combining innovative award-winning ideation and portfolio management modules,  edison365 turns your good ideas into great business solutions. We help organisations of all sizes to develop a full end-to-end innovation strategy, recommending processes to drive innovation and ideation through edison365ideas, and delivering it through edison365projects.


Ideas platform

edison365ideas works through the crowdsourcing of ideas from across your organisation. Cloud hosted and built on Microsoft Office 365, this unified idea and management platform will drive your innovation management, engaging your most valuable asset; your workforce.


Idea delivery

edison365projects turns crowdsourced ideas into visible and actionable plans. Following on from the crowdsourcing made possible by edison365ideas, edison365projects allows you to build a collaborative team and manage an entire project from start to finish.



edison365businesscase delivers a transparent and regulated way for business cases to be produced and managed throughout an organization. It provides users with portfolio reporting where the cost, benefit and resource requirements across one or more cases can easily be understood and impacts appreciated.