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Historical and current data is an invaluable source of knowledge. Properly analysed, it gives you the insights for better decision making, improving your future based on how you performed in the past.


Leverage your data

Collected data has the power to determine industry trends, predict customer behaviour, speed products to market, maximise performance, and build enduring competitive edge. It can also transform your organisation if you deploy effective methodologies, proven processes, and high-quality analytics platforms.

How can CPS help you?



We create tailor-made, typically cloud-based solutions, using our knowledge of business processes, data technologies, and Microsoft’s enterprise data and analytics services (such as Dynamics 365, Power BI and Azure SQL Data Warehouse). We are highly experienced in rapid business innovation.


Single view

After close discussion to understand and agree your objectives, we find and extract your operational source data. Our solution then transforms it into a data model optimised for analytics. Processed data is loaded into an analytics data store, providing you with a single view of the past without impacting operational systems.


Formats you want

The final stage in our analytics solution provides you with the insights you need, in the format you want. Microsoft’s technologies today enable us to offer your leadership teams mobile dashboards, data sets for business analysts, and training data for data scientists.