Solution | Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management(PPM) is about much more than metrics.It should be firmly rooted in your vision, delivering positive change for your business.


Working from the top down

PPM is more than just a way of measuring good practice and driving project efficiency. increasingly, it is about developing a top down business strategy,tightly linked to your vision and objectives, and designed to enable successful change in a turbulent business environment.

How can CPS help you?

We adopt a 3 key phased approach to PPM:



We evaluate your PPM approach both as a driver of change,and as a way of measuring the performance of your projects. Our view is that there is no ‘one fits all’ assessment of each organisation’s project practice. Our specialist Consultants apply cross industry experience, using appropriate methodologies, including Prosci®



We then help you maximise the use of Microsoft Project Online to optimise your project portfolio. You can use it to model different portfolio scenarios to determine the best strategic path by weighing project proposals against strategic business drivers, and consider the cost and resource constraints within your organisation.



Microsoft Project Online also provides seamless integration with PowerBI to give you advanced portfolio analytics and reports. A range of dashboard views include financials, risk, and issues. We are specialists in Microsoft Project, Project Online, and Office 365, and we are ready to help with a range of software integration requirements.