Solutions | Mobility, Security and Compliance

The digital revolution offers opportunity for greater flexibility and modern ways of working yet poses new challenges for data security and compliance.


Security without restriction

With both corporate and private devices now in use within the workplace, the risk of data loss or breech is high. The challenge is not only to keep out deliberate cyber threats; it’s also about changing people’s behaviour and adopting simple processes to stay secure without restricting a user’s ability and desire to collaborate with both internal and external partners.

How can CPS help you?


Ways to engage

CPS support organisations to leverage the potential of Office 365 and wider productivity tools in confidence with appropriate security and data management from the outset. We work with you to develop your security and compliance strategy as part of an overall business change discussion, or to meet an immediate need for action. We can even help you make the most of your Microsoft Office 365 tools.


Microsoft expertise

Technology can help identify and authenticate users accessing your data. Microsoft security features will increase levels of security, depending on device or location. You can also give or restrict access to certain areas. Content sent by email can be tracked to whom and when it was opened and can be remotely removed.



We can help organisations with ever changing compliance requirements. For General Data Protection Regulation, as an example, we automatically classify information and types of content, enforce removal of content, prompt reviewers, and insist on retention/ deletion. Our cross-industry enterprise experience means we understand the levels of flexibility required by different organisations.


Safe and secure mobile working

An online connection is all your employees need to be mobile – and to forge a big hole in your security armour. We assess the security exposure for your mobile estate, and help develop policies, principles, and practices to safeguard your data. We can configure Office 365 to meet your security requirements across all devices, and deploy the Mobility, Security and Compliance to underpin a robust access management strategy.