Solution | Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (loT) unlocks your operational performance; driving efficiency whilst controlling your costs in ways never previously imaginable.


Optimising future operations

From manufacturers to housing associations, growing numbers of organisations use connected smart devices and loT enabled machinery to provide operational data that can transform future performance. Getting real insights from all that data requires analytics expertise and powerful tools to predict and optimise future operations.

How can CPS help you?



We create end-to-end solutions which collect data from sensors and then analyse it with algorithms designed to predict failures and optimise operations. We integrate our solutions with your existing smart devices systems, and use Microsoft’s cloud-based services to collect and store the real-time sensor data.



We use Microsoft’s Power BI platform to visualise operational KP Is and data science to create predictive and analytical models. These models deliver the business value. Using loT history, for example, they can predict when a component is going to fail, or explain reduced operational efficiency or increased running costs.



Microsoft has a strong set of technologies to support loT initiatives, and we have the skills to help you exploit them. We add to that technology know how our experience of rapid business innovation. We lead highly successful business-centric IoT initiatives for global organisations where we for instance, monitor real-time factory machine data to predict potential failures to IT companies where loT is non-core functionality.