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The employee experience is at the heart of every organisation and is key to business growth. Creating a people first culture, drives engagement, commitment and enables colleagues to be their best.

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What is Employee Experience?

The employee experience is  measured by how people express themselves physically and cognitively. These behaviours are reflections on how employees are as individuals. Employee experience goes beyond motivation and job satisfaction. Employees who have good quality jobs, work environments and are managed well are more likely to demonstrate:

1.  Higher productivity
2. Higher employee satisfaction rates
3. Greater levels of innovation
4. Higher staff retention
5. Better health and safety performance

Business Benefits

Developing a strong employee experience will establish an engaging, resilient culture that goes beyond simple collaboration and communication. Investing in the employee experience has a direct positive impact by addressing critical business issues, including:

1. Profitability -Employee experience strategies provide up to 21% greater    profitability.
 Employee engagement – 86% of top-performing companies saw a boost in employee engagement.
3. Employee
retention – Highly engaged employees are 12x less likely to leave an organisation.

Your employees work in dispersed locations therefore email, video conferencing, and social networks help them stay in touch, but does it help them stay connected? The employee experience helps to keep your employees engaged with one another and helps the business evolve and grow for the future.

How can CPS help you?

Business Consulting

CPS’ business consulting team will help you navigate the field of employee experience with a tailored solution based on your critical business issues. Our award-winning team provide technical guidance, advice and recommendations to support your implementation programme.

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Employee Experience

Put your organisation’s employee experience into action with Microsoft Viva. Supporting today’s digital way of working by connecting tools and processes to increase engagement, communication, and provide organisational knowledge and insights to your people wherever they are working.

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Adoption change management

Maximise the return on your employee experience and put your employees at the centre of your adoption and change management strategy. CPS can steer you through your change management journey, or run adoption activities for you to deliver the benefits as quickly as possible.

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