Machine Learning

Learn Without Direct Instruction

Learn Without Direct Instruction

Organisations increasingly use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve business problems that prove too challenging or too time-consuming for human beings.

Machine learning (ML) is the process of using mathematical models of data to help a computer learn without direct instruction. It’s considered a subset of artificial intelligence (AI).

Machine learning uses algorithms to identify patterns within data, and those patterns are then used to create a data model that can make predictions.

With increased data and experience, the results of machine learning are more accurate – much like how humans improve with more practice.

Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning

Microsoft’ Azure Machine Learning can equip your data scientists and developers with the capabilities to build, train, and deploy Machine Learning models and foster team collaboration.

We can help organisations use Azure Machine Learning to accelerate their time to market with industry-leading Machine Learning operations or DevOps for Machine Learning.

Organisations can then innovate on a secure, trusted platform designed for responsible Machine Learning.

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Features and Benefits

  • Predicted patterns of behaviour can inspire a great customer experience and the development of better products
  • In today’s competitive world, speed is of the essence, and models that can be created regardless of skill will be most effective
  • Secure and trusted are critical attributes when working with sensitive organisation and customer data
  • CPS and Microsoft can help organisations use machine language to make predictions
  • The solution will rapidly build and deploy machine learning models using tools that meet your needs, regardless of skill level
  • Microsoft’s platform is secure and trusted

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