Internet of Things - IoT

IoT Solutions

IoT Solutions

An IoT device is typically made up of a circuit board with sensors attached that use WiFi to connect to the internet. For example:

  • A pressure sensor on a remote oil pump.
  • Temperature and humidity sensors in an air-conditioning unit.
  • An accelerometer in an elevator.
  • Presence sensors in a room.

We can show you how the Microsoft Azure IoT portfolio can manage and connect billions of IoT devices.

Used in combination with Azure Data services, the data received from these devices will achieve real insights from the massive amounts of data your smart devices can generate by storing, analysing and managing the data you collect.

Reliability and Security

Reliability and Security

From retailers to manufacturers to housing associations, organisations use connected smart devices to transform performance, drive efficiency and control costs in ways never before imaginable.

Vital to driving that change is the reliability and security of communication, the IoT network and the quality of insights captured from IoT data.

We deploy the industry’s broadest portfolio of services and capabilities from Microsoft to deliver your IoT objectives.


Features and Benefits

  • Microsoft tools manage and connect your IoT devices with your IoT application
  • Storing, analysing and managing your IoT data gives you actionable insights
  • You can speed up your generation of IoT solutions
  • Communication across your network will be reliable and secure
  • Insights are the fuel for improving your organisation’s performance
  • Creating IoT solutions fast enables you to keep up with changing demands for new products, services and levels of performance

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Microsoft’s IoT

Microsoft’s IoT

At the centre of Microsoft’s IoT portfolio are Azure IoT Hub and Azure Digital Twins. CPS will position them to be building blocks for your IoT scenarios.

Azure IoT Hub will enable highly secure and reliable communication between your IoT application and the devices it manages.

Azure Digital Twins will deliver insights from your IoT device data. So you can achieve all the goals you set when investing in IoT technology.

CPS will use Microsoft’s cloud-based services to collect and store the real-time sensor data and integrate Microsoft IoT solutions with your existing smart device systems.

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

We bring analytics expertise and powerful tools to connect, monitor and control all your IoT assets.

With deep expertise in supporting organisations deploying Microsoft technology.

We can add to that Microsoft technology know-how our long experience of rapid business innovation.

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