Solutions | Covid-19 Crisis

Microsoft is currently supporting urgent deployments for first responder organisations, government agencies, manufacturing and other essential service providers with the release of two Power Platform solutions to enable customers to coordinate information and resources in times of crisis, and a Microsoft Power Virtual Agents bot to manage crisis response.


The Crisis Communication app

A low-code solution that combines Microsoft Power Apps, Microsoft Power Automate, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint to coordinate information sharing and team collaboration in response to evolving conditions. Employees can report a work status and make requests, and admins can use the app to push updates, news including RSS feeds from the World Health Organization (WHO), The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or local authorities, or emergency contacts to different locations—all accessible on the web and mobile.

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Every manufacturer is impacted by this crisis in some way and for many this poses an existential threat. Many manufacturers have seen greatly reduced demand, some have even ceased production completely. However others have seen a huge increase, meaning effective communication is more important than ever. 

In these unprecedented times managing information is crucial for government bodies. With the job of delivering vital public services, government bodies are on the frontline. Communicating with clarity, speed, and ensuring the effectiveness of their reach, targeting and receipt of critical messages is paramount.

Power Virtual Agents Crisis Response Bot

A Power Virtual Agents Crisis Response FAQ Bot helps people get to the information they need quickly in a chat interface you can embed on any website. For example, a Crisis FAQ bot can help you address questions that employees are frequently asking, freeing time for managers to focus on other priorities.

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During the COVID-19 crisis, the manufacturing industry has been hit hard. Whether it is due to increase or decrease in demand, the need to keep employees in the know is crucial. With such large-scale workforces in disparate locations, employees have more questions than ever before.

With the vital work government bodies are doing to keep the public safe, the need to keep employees in the know is crucial. With such large-scale workforces in disparate locations, employees have more questions than ever before, and it can be difficult and time consuming to give consistent information.

Healthcare Emergency Response Resource Tracking

The Microsoft Power Platform team worked with Swedish Health Services, the largest non-profit healthcare provider in America’s greater Seattle area, to create apps and dashboards to provide visibility into available beds and supplies like masks and ventilators. Any healthcare provider can now implement the Emergency Resource Tracking solution to manage emergency responses and equipment inventories, beds and staffing needs, and emergency leaders can leverage the decision support dashboard to make decisions.

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Healthcare workers are at the forefront of the rapidly changing Coronavirus pandemic. They are leading the fight against the deadly virus and are busier than ever before.