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People drive change, not organisations: make sure employees are firmly at the centre of your technology adoption strategy to maximise your return on investment.


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Change is a constant in today’s business world, and your people are on the receiving end. Each new tool, process or standard affects them, and only when each is adopted by them is your investment truly realised. You need to ensure your people are fully behind these changes, understand what’s in it for them, and support them through the technology adoption process.

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How can CPS help you?


Tailored strategy

Whether you’ve just ordered a new piece of technology, or are deep into implementation and struggling with adoption, we will design a tailored strategy to inspire your users. As part of an integrated solutions team, we can steer you through your change management journey, or run adoption activities for you to deliver benefits as quickly as possible.


User focused

CPS doesn’t believe in imposing change. We focus on connecting your new tools and processes at the right pace for the people who will use them, ensuring no one gets left behind. We also build up your internal change management capabilities to support new users in future.


Prosci certified

Our technology adoption practitioners have extensive experience across industry, and in all sizes of organisation. Prosci certified, they are equipped to manage the people side of change and adoption. We focus on the individual to achieve strong outcomes, and in turn ensure you receive maximum return on your investment.