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Getting the best from your Microsoft solutions requires end-to-end support and expert advice. That means speedy issue resolution today, and insights to help you plan for tomorrow.


IT Managed Support – the way you need it

Our primary goals for the Managed Support Services supplied to clients are that they retain:

  • Greater cost control
  • Increase team collaboration
  • Improved service levels
  • Future-proof technology

These goals are achieved through providing the following core services and activities.

Core services and activities



CPS provides comprehensive administration for your supported platform. This can include purchasing and provisioning of additional licences and all components you are entitled to via your subscriptions. We cover end user administration, housekeeping and manage incidents with Microsoft.



We will support the migration of your users and guide them on utilising the managed applications. This process improves adoption and will provide productivity gains to your organisation.



Through proactive monitoring of the platforms, tools and services included in your Managed Services, issues will either be resolved or notified to your organisation before they cause an impact to your users.



Our dedicated support team is ready to act on any anomalies or reported incidents and will act on them to actively mitigate the impact of operational business issues and reduce any downtime costs.



Our expert architects are able to provide strategic guidance on the usage and adoption of the services available in your managed Microsoft applications. We can support your current licences and advise you on features that are available as add-ons or as upgrades to your licence.

As an evergreen platform, Microsoft continue to release improvements and new capabilities to all areas of your managed Microsoft applications and are able to decode these to explain what the impact will be on your users and what benefits you may realise if you adopt new features.


Expert Advice

We understand that as your organisation grows, solution and features changes will be required. We will provide analytics to assist in improving workforce productivity and engagement. We will support the business as a trusted advisor during change advisory board (CAB) reviews and the change and release management process. This service will also allow us to review change requests, filtered through our Support Desk, to determine the impact, feasibility, complexity and provide recommendations.

Also when new features are released that are identified as being beneficial to your organisation we are able to provide support in managing the launch of these features through the use of change management techniques.