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Understanding your business and identifying areas for improvement is the key to accelerating your digital transformation journey and CPS are on-hand to help with this progression.

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Analysis delivery

Each evaluation for your business’ digital capability is delivered over three days on your business premises, in a workshop environment tailored to your organisation.

The outcome of these evaluations include:

  • An alignment of your business opportunities and challenges with your capabilities


  • A complete understanding of your future state by reviewing capabilities across security, teamwork, meetings and change management


  • An actionable plan which will assist you on your transformation journey

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Choosing the right evaluation

There are two evaluations for you to choose from, Teamwork and Security.

1. The Teamwork Evaluation. CPS will review your business capabilities across teamworking, meetings and change management to identify the unique vision, needs, and goals of your business while building deeper engagement with your employees and stakeholders.

2. The Security Evaluation.  CPS will work with your IT security team, to review security challenges and help you better understand, prioritise and mitigate against potential vectors of cyberattacks against your business.