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Microsoft PowerApps provides business-centric web and mobile apps that offer standalone functionality or extend an organisation’s Office 365 and Dynamics 365 services. PowerApps gives power users and experienced developers a powerful point-and-click approach to building apps – an approach that provides visually appealing graphical experiences that wrap around customised business logic and secure data storage.

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The ability for PowerApps solutions to be made without writing a single piece of code empowers people to become digital creators for the first time.  However, even when they want to add logic to their apps, PowerApps uses familiar Excel-like expressions to enhance the user interfaces it delivers on web, iOS, and Android devices.

Simple build process

Ease of use

Reduction in third party apps

Easily connect to third party data

Integration with other business systems

Rapid Innovation

PowerApps also allows experienced developers to produce rich, complex apps that integrate with cloud APIs and their organisation’s other digital services using a collection of ready-to-use data connectors and gateways.

 Businesses continue to look to technology to help them employ better ways of working and implement innovative new ideas.  They need replacements for their collections of legacy apps that remain the backbones of critical business processes, but also seek tools to provide their customers and staff with new experiences and capabilities.  Increasingly, organisations expect their digital platforms to allow rapid development and deployment as well as provide compelling and advanced functionality.

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Power Bi

Easily display and consume your companies data using simple reports and dashboards whilst discovering insights into your business.



Create business applications quickly and easily using Microsoft PowerApps.

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Automate processes to make your business more efficient.