Microsoft Teams | Teams Adoption

Successful implementation of Microsoft Teams and Teams Telephony (Voice) is more than just delivering a technical solution. At CPS we work with your organisation to support successful Microsoft Teams adoption quickly, so that everyone can start gaining the benefits as soon as possible.


A tailored approach

Our expert consultants understand that every organisation is different. Our tailored approach is designed to support your Microsoft Teams adoption through a variety of services and solutions that are right for you to get your people engaged and on-board. Our expert consultants can provide a full end-to-end adoption programme, or adoption consultancy as required, to help you achieve the highest adoption rates from your people and the best return from your Microsoft Teams investment.

At CPS, our highly skilled consultants are with you at every step of your adoption strategy and implementation.


End to end solutions

Getting Started

Planning for Teams adoption
Defining bespoke strategies and scenarios
Creating teams and channels
Assigning your Project Team
Preparations for organisational change
Prepare internal communications


Assign organisation ‘champions’
Governance quick start
Define usage scenarios
Engage early adopters
Gain feedback
Support organisational onboarding

Scaling up

Define measures of outcome success
Drive awareness through communication and engagement
Implement training programmes/workshops etc
Onboarding colleagues – team by team
Optimise feedback and reporting
Schedule regular service health reviews