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Your field service customers don’t want to hear about things going wrong. They want your people to know what the issue is and fix the problem before their business is affected.


Built-in intelligence

Dynamics 365 Field Service is all about care-free and cost-effective customer operations, and proactive support. You need built-in intelligence to dispatch the right technician, but only when onsite service is really needed. Your people need up-to-date customer history, so they deliver a positive experience from the moment they arrive.

Deliver on time


With Dynamics 365 Field Service you can automatically schedule technicians with the right skills, at the best location.

  • – Smart scheduling
  • – Multi-job despatching
  • – Streamline inventory management.

Equip technicians

The efficiency and productivity of your Technicians and Field Service agents is massively improved with Dynamics 365 Field Service, through in-app client information.

  • – On-time appointment scheduling
  • – 360-degree customer view
  • – On-site efficiency with work order detail.

IoT power

Harness the power of IoT to detect and diagnose problems before your customers become aware of an issue. With Dynamics 365 Field Service you can: –

  • – Use insight to offer a proactive service
  • – Automate work orders
  • – Transform service with predictive maintenance.