Detecting, Mitigating, and Remediating Insider Risk

Wed, Mar 01, 10:00
Peter Rising & Julie McGourty
Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management

Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management

Security and Compliance teams generally focus on protecting against external threats. Risks posed by insiders who have access to business data and apps, however, are often overlooked or perhaps ignored.

Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management allows you to view and work to mitigate internal risks using tools and processes such as policies, alerting, and Information Barriers.

Join Microsoft MVP Peter Rising and Microsoft's Cloud Security Architect, Julie McGourty, as they explore the key principles of Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management and the steps you need to take to protect your organisation from internal threats.


Peter Rising
Peter Rising
Head of Practice, Security, Compliance & Identity

Peter is an Office Apps and Services MVP with over 25 years’ experience working with Microsoft technologies. He has specialised in the Microsoft 365 platform since 2014, initially focusing on Exchange migrations but in recent years has shifted his area of focus to SharePoint, Teams, and in particular, Security & Compliance.

Peter has worked in both internal IT Management roles and as a consultant or Architect and has delivered Microsoft cloud solutions across the UK and beyond to organisations looking for guidance with their digital transformation journey.

Julie McGourty
Julie McGourty
Cloud Security Architect at Microsoft

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