Viva Insights: Helping Improve Employee Engagement

Thu, Jan 20, 10:30
Kevin McDonnell

Viva Insights, one of the four pillars of Microsoft Viva, is a Microsoft Teams based application built to make it easy to improve your work life and enhance success rate, whether that be personal to you or across your organisations and/or departments.  

Viva Insights analyses your data (data for your eyes only) to create personalised recommendations suited to you. Using Viva Insights (through the Microsoft 365 package) means employees will see:  

  • Increased productivity through dedicated focus times or tracked tasks in Microsoft To-Do 
  • Prioritised wellbeing, e.g. through Viva Insights collaborator Headspace or dedicated breaks 
  • Tracked and improved workflow across the board 

Join our Microsoft MVP as he discusses the benefits of using Viva Insights within your workforce and the extra benefits of Microsoft Viva Insights Premium license, which will further increase business and employee success rates across your organisation. Premium will provide: 

  • Managers/Leaders understanding how their work patterns might affect their teams and how they can adjust for a better working day 
  • Flexible reports for team leaders with actionable insights to reflect and act on 
  • Customised analysis with dedicated tools, accelerators, and reports. 

Viva Insights is built to better the working day, bringing employee experience and well-being to the forefront and allowing your business and company culture to thrive.  



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