Resource Management in the Covid-19 Era

Date Published 18/05/2020
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CPS Resource Management surfaces as one of the key issues that reoccurs when we are working with clients to deliver PPM and other Modern Work Management (MWM) solutions. Closely related to this reoccurring requirement is that of work pipeline management. Both of these topics are of absolute criticality for many businesses in the current Covid-19 environment.

No matter what size business you are, knowing what work you have coming in, what work is being done and who is available for work has suddenly become a hotly discussed board-level topic. Should you keep hold of staff or furlough them? How much slack is in the delivery system that could be reduced? How much money is being made from staff delivering work versus those without work to do? – Lots of long painful discussions!

All of these discussions will be difficult if you don’t have a clear picture of future work demand and of current work delivery. Now is the time to consider what information you really don’t have to hand.

Good Resource Management & Capacity Planning requires good pipeline management and good scheduling. A project plan with a handful of milestones and no resources is not going to help contribute to a picture of resource supply and demand, equally, a list of potential projects without costs, priority and resource requirements won’t help you authorise or stop project work.

If you’re a professional services organisation, the lack of a clear lead to Opportunity to Win to Delivery pathway will not help you forecast what work might be coming in over the coming months.

CPS internally uses Microsoft365, Dynamics365, Project Online and Power BI to plan and manage our end to end Sales and Delivery work, as a result, the challenging questions the Delivery team have been posed by the Leadership team have been answered with good evidence-based data that can give good factual information to the Leadership Team and Delivery managers alike.

As an Award Winning Microsoft Gold Partner CPS can help organisations deliver their Sales and Work management processes and technical platforms using Microsoft Dynamics365, Project for the Web, Project Online, Power BI and the Power platform, we can help to join all of your core organisational management data together to give your Executive team the complete picture to enable them to make informed decisions in a timely manner.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss this further. Keep safe.


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 CPS has Earned Microsoft’s Adoption and Change Management Advanced Specialization
CPS has Earned Microsoft’s Adoption and Change Management Advanced Specialization
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