Project For the Web Keyboard Shortcuts

Date Published 19/10/2021
Author Duncan Griffin
Category Technology

Keyboard shortcuts save time. If you are just starting to use Project for the web or are a pretty heavy user you can create and update your projects more efficiently by taking advantage of these Shortcuts. It may just save grabbing the mouse and making a couple of clicks but over added up this can save a heap of time. Let me know if you find any more and I'll add them in. A couple of these work in all views (Grid, Board, Timeline); the majority only work in Grid and Timeline view.

Shortcuts across all views

  • Control + Z undo
  • Control + Y redo

Shortcuts for Grid and Timeline views

  • Alt + M Expand ‘More Options’ for selected Task
  • Alt + I Task Information Form
  • Insert Insert a blank task
  • Control + Delete Delete Task(s)
  • Control + Space - Select Column
  • Shift + Space - Select Task
  • Control + F2 Creates dependency selected tasks
  • Control + Shift + F2 Deletes dependency for selected tasks
  • Shift + Alt + Left Indent Task(s)
  • Shift + Alt + Right Outdent Task(s)
  • Shift + Alt + "=" Expand Tasks (from summary task)
  • Shift + Alt + "-" Collapse Tasks (from summary task)
  • Shift + Alt + D Mark Task(s) Complete
  • Shift + Alt + N Mark Task(s) Not Started
  • Control + Up Move to Top Task
  • Control + Down Move to Bottom Task
  • Control + Left Move to Left Column
  • Control + Left Move to Right Column
  • Control + Backspace - Select Dropdown options (in dropdown fields)

Wanted/Missing Shortcuts...(Bounty CPS SWAG for any finders)

  • Scroll Timeline to task
  • Scroll Timeline Left
  • Scroll Timeline Right
  • Zoom Timeline out
  • Zoom Timeline in
  • Goto to Date
  • Goto Task


Duncan Griffin
Business Development Consultant

Duncan Griffin has over 15 years of experience in architecting and deploying Project Management Solutions. He has been responsible for many PPM solutions across Banking, Insurance, Government, Hi-Tech, Bio-Tech and Manufacturing. He has recently worked with Deutsche Bank, Financial Ombudsman Service, Alpha Bank and European Investment Fund.

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