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Enterprise Mobility and Security


Enterprise Mobility and Security – what’s the reality?


Accessibility and transmission of data has never been so easy, but how can organisations and users safeguard themselves from sharing the wrong information?

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Dispersed Workforces Driving Collaboration


Dispersed Workforces Driving Collaboration – anywhere, in any time zone and across multiple teams


Change is an accepted part of everyday life. From technological advances to changing customer expectations, the pace of that change can feel breathtaking at times.

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CRM in the Cloud or On-Premises?

Cloud Versus on-prem

Cloud versus On-Premises, which route is right for your organisation?


Cloud may well be seen as the modern option, with an ever increasing number of customers opting for Microsoft’s online CRM service, however On-Premises CRM may still offer some customers the ideal fit.

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Building your business case for a new PPM solution

Building your case for a new PPM solution

Building your business case for a new PPM solution


In terms of business benefits, deploying Microsoft’s Project Online is an easy win for most organisations. However convincing other internal stakeholders on the benefits of Project Online isn’t always as simple. This eBook provides guidance on building your business case for Project Online.

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10 'Must Do' steps to Successful Adoption


The 10 ‘Must Do’ Steps to Ensure Successful & Rapid Adoption of your new PPM Solution.


In the world of PPM, cutting edge software can have a profound impact on how your projects, resources and portfolios are managed. This eBook will guide you through the ten key steps to ensuring successful and rapid adoption of a new PPM solution.

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The Office 365 Change Challenge

The Office 365 Change Challenge eBook

The Office 365 Change Challenge:  5 Simple Steps to implementing change.


The challenge of introducing employees to a new platform like Office 365 is that they are often unlikely to understand its potential. This is why, when implementing a new solution, you have to implement a proper process of change after initial adoption.

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